Global School First Gives Your School the Opportunity for . . .


Work with your GSF Team to assess your school’s approach to global citizenship education

ACEI’s Global Schools First assessment framework guides your GSF Team through a self-paced process of reviewing and reflecting on your school’s approach to providing a relevant, responsive, and engaging global learning environment. The assessment includes a comprehensive set of open-ended questions that examine the integration of global citizenship education into various areas of school life, including school leadership, teaching and learning, school and community relationships, and school culture and environment.

As your team of school leaders and teachers comes together to explore your school’s integration of global citizenship education, your school will learn and grow as a learning community. You can use your assessment findings, along with feedback from specialists in global education, to build and enhance your school’s global learning strategy and create a springboard for further school improvement and advancement.


Receive recognition for your school’s commitment to global citizenship education

Global Schools First celebrates excellence in global citizenship education by recognizing primary schools (K-6)* worldwide that are committed to fostering the competencies that children need to be successful in our globalized world. Schools that successfully complete each level are awarded:

  • Level 1: Global Schools First Certificate of Commitment

  • Level 2: Global Schools First Recognition Award

The Global Schools First Recognition Award signifies a school’s esteemed identity as an institution that is preparing students to be citizens of the world.

* K-6 means kindergarten through 6th grade, which is equivalent to 5 to 12 years old.


Share your school’s innovative practices in global citizenship education and learn from schools around the world

By participating in Global Schools First, you will have the opportunity to connect with a global community of educators. Share resources, learn about innovative practices, and form partnerships to achieve your school’s global learning goals. These connections will provide invaluable inspiration and insights on global citizenship education.

Select recipients of the Global Schools First Recognition Award will be invited to showcase their unique strengths as a leader in global citizenship education to ACEI’s extensive global community through our website, social media, and publications.