Is Your School on a Global Learning
Path to the Future ?

Assess your progress and celebrate your achievements
by participating in Global Schools First!

ACEI’s Global Schools First (GSF) program provides a school assessment and recognition opportunity for primary schools committed to fostering critical competencies—skills and knowledge—that children need to be successful in today’s complex and increasingly interconnected world.

We believe an integrated, schoolwide approach to educating children as global citizens fosters these competencies and creates a lasting impact on students’ growth and learning. Using the GSF assessment framework, school leaders and teachers can evaluate their progress on integrating global competencies into their schools to nurture global citizenship.

Schools who fully meet the GSF assessment indicators by describing their approach to global citizenship education will receive ACEI’s esteemed Global Schools First Recognition Award.

The GSF assessment framework consists of two levels. All schools begin by completing Level 1 and then advance to Level 2.

What Is Global Citizenship Education?
Through global citizenship education, we learn to respect one another, work together to address human challenges, develop skills and acquire knowledge that enhances our global awareness, and take action to create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world for all human beings, now and in the future.

Global School First Gives Your School the Opportunity for . . .


Work with your GSF Team to assess your school’s approach to global citizenship education
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Receive recognition for your school’s commitment to global citizenship education
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Share your school’s innovative practices in global citizenship education and learn from schools around the world
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Get Started on Your Global Schools First Journey

Your school will move through two distinct levels of the GSF assessment framework.
All schools must complete Level 1 before advancing to Level 2.