Inspire and transform your primary school through global citizenship education

We are living in a global community and connecting with others across the globe on a daily basis. It’s more important than ever that children learn to relate to people from many different backgrounds and work together to create a brighter future for all.

And where better for that learning to start than at school?

If you are a primary school teacher or leader trying to prepare your students for success in our globalized world, you probably recognize the importance of fostering a global perspective from a young age... but are you on the right path?

Global citizenship education fosters the competencies necessary to understand and improve the world, including:

• Respect for diversity
• Communication and collaboration
• Critical thinking
• Creative problem solving
• Empathy and compassion

Global citizenship education is how we learn to respect one another, work together to address complex human challenges, and take action to create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world for all human beings, now and in the future.

Global Schools First will help you assess your school’s growth and development in the area of global citizenship education.

How does Global Schools First work?
Our program provides guidance and resources to help primary schools worldwide implement global citizenship education—not just as a unit in the classroom, but as an ongoing process in all aspects of school life.

Rather than focusing exclusively on teaching and learning, the Global Schools First whole-school approach also addresses leadership practices, school culture and environment, and school and community relationships.

Your school may journey through two distinct levels. You must complete Level 1: Commitment & Audit before advancing to Level 2: Assessment & Recognition.
Global Schools First will guide you to:
• Think critically about how to assess and improve each aspect of your school's global citizenship practices

• Encourage collaboration and improve team building among teachers, school leaders, and other stakeholders

• Develop partnerships with schools across the globe, gaining inspiration and insight on global citizenship education

• Engage with your students on a deeper level, and empower them to find creative solutions to shared challenges

• Achieve recognition as a globally oriented school
Level 1: Commitment & Audit
Goal: Demonstrate your school’s commitment to global citizenship education

What you’ll do:
• Create your Global Schools First leadership team
• Learn about global citizenship education and read our “Getting Started” guide
• Commit to the Global Schools First process
• Complete an audit of your school’s global citizenship education

What you’ll achieve: Certificate of Commitment
Estimated time to complete: 1-3 months

Level 2: Assessment & Recognition*
(for schools that have completed Level 1)
Goal: Examine the current state of global citizenship education in your school to identify areas for growth

What you’ll do:
• Use a comprehensive set of questions to reflect on global citizenship education in your school
• Submit your completed assessment, with supporting evidence, for review by a team of global education experts
• Receive a custom analysis to help you improve key areas

What you’ll achieve: Global Schools First Award
Estimated time to complete: 3-6 months

*Please note that at this time, only Level 1 has been released. Level 2 will be released in early 2018.
Connect with educators globally to share ideas and inspiration!
During the review of Level 2 applications, reviewers will be looking for innovative and particularly promising practices to share with the ACEI global community through the website, social media, and publications. Your school may be invited to showcase your unique global citizenship education practices.

Are you ready to transform your school? 
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