Past Events and Initiatives

Over the years, ACEI has implemented various initiatives to support our mission. Highlights from recent events and programs are summarized here.

Global Summit on Childhood

Our Summits have brought together many individuals from diverse backgrounds, professions, and nations to discuss children's education and well-being and the state of childhood today. These unique conference eventschallenge attendees to consider a brighter future for all children worldwide.

Institute for Global Education Diplomacy

Our Institutes have been valuable experiences for all individuals engaged in the education of children, from large-scale international projects to program work within their own local communities. At any level of engagement, professionals will find the skills of education diplomacy to be helpful in moving forward a meaningful and effective agenda for education.

Decade for Childhood

The Decade for Childhood provides a platform for a global conversation about childhood and the exchange of ideas and experiences, the dissemination of knowledge, and the consideration of best policies and practices. Through collaboration and partnerships at local, regional, national, and international levels, we will extend our work, especially when enriched by insights across multiple sectors. Learn More About the Decade.



Love Me, Teach Me

The Love Me, Teach Me campaign promotes the needs and rights of children everywhere. The campaign is built upon the four cornerstones of See Me, Hear Me, Love Me, and Teach Me. Learn More About the Campaign.