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ACEI is proud of its history of community. For over a century, ACEI has provided places, programs, and events to help individuals come together, share ideas, and support each other in their tireless efforts to support children and their education around the world. The following opportunities are offered to our community.

Special Interest Forums

Special interest forums (SIFs) are an option that allows for individuals interested in the same topic to connect with each other and share ideas. Members of a SIF explore the topic of interest in greater depth. Topics must be related to children’s education, child rights, and children’s well-being. If you would like to form a new SIF, it is required that you identify two team leaders and four other individuals (six in total) who will participate in the SIF. SIFs can have up to 12 members—two leaders and 10 members.

Current SIFs are listed below. If you wish to join a SIF, please click on the SIF below and email the team leaders. If you would like to start a new SIF, please email membership@acei.org.


Attend Our Events

We believe that our conferences and events are unique and that they offer a critical space and place for meeting with like-minded individuals. Please find our featured events on our home page slide.

Country Liaisons

+ Early Childhood Education and Care in Europe

This forum brings together knowledge, research, expertise, and policies related to early childhood education, care, development in Europe.This SIF is concerned with early learning and development that takes place in formal contexts (e.g. childcare centers, kindergarten schools, family child care centers, etc). It aims at establishing a European network of experts in the field of ECEC. Konstantina Rentzou - ntinar@hotmail.com Ruslan Slutsky - ruslan.slutsky@utoledo.edu

+ Family Literacy

This forum strives to strengthen awareness on the issue of family literacy, to share ideas to collaborate on best practices, and to develop greater community involvement. Lauren Becker - alwayslj2u@yahoo.com

+ Global Training and Technical Assistance

This forum strives to contribute to the development of resources for global training and technical assistance that address program quality in many childhood education settings. Barbara Trube - trube@ohio.edu Tata Mbugua - tata.mbugua@scranton.edu

+ ACEI History and Heritage

This forum strives to preserve the knowledge of ACEI's significant history and heritage for all present and coming new generations by sharing information. Jessica Essary - jessica.essary@zu.ac.ae Debbie Vera - debbie.vera@tamusa.tamus.edu

+ Technology

This forum shares ideas about using technologies to enhance the education of all children worldwide and examines new devices or methods of technology to connect educators, students, teachers, and other interested parties. Jacqueline Blackwell - jblackwe@iupui.edu Hani Morgan - hani.morgan@usm.edu

+ Autism

This forum focuses on current topics designed to expand the skills of persons, particularly school age children, on the ASD continuum. Results of our discussions and the examining of research and practice will support the development of self-advocacy and educational diplomacy models that can be initiated in local as well as international settings. Marcia Singer - autismsif@gmail.com Willa Barth - willabarth@verizon.net

+ Children's Rights

The aim of this forum is for members to share ideas about raising educators' awareness of children's rights as well as raising children's awareness of their own rights. The forum will also participate in discussions around knowledge mobilization of child rights issues. Aurelia Di Santo - disanto@ryerson.ca Kristy Timmons - kristy.timmons@mail.utoronto.ca

+ Educating Black Boys and Adolescent Males

This forum will identify and explore trends and realities associated with the social context of education for black males nationally and internationally and discuss and generate effective community-based recommendations, such as curriculum and instruction and social justice for education. Brian Wright - blwrght1@memphis.edu Shelly Counsell - slcnsell@memphis.edu


ACEI is appreciative that so many in its community choose to give their time to volunteer for children’s education. Although we do not have a formal volunteering program, we are proud that so many of our community members are able to use their talents and skills to push our mission outward. We encourage you to volunteer in your local community. Please let us know about your volunteer experience and how your volunteer efforts and experiences have contributed to forwarding ACEI’s unique mission.

(All volunteers should abide by the rules and regulations of the institution in which they offer their service.)


The purpose of the Country Liaison program is to gather information about childhood education practices and policies in various nations, share this information with the ACEI Community, provide information to support the development of ACEI’s programs, and promote international and intercultural understanding. Read More about Country Liaisons.

International Outreach Committee

ACEI’s International Outreach Committee helps ACEI to reach out across the world and share our mission and programs more broadly. The Committee also designs at least one special project to work on each year.

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