Childhood Explorer

Childhood Explorer is an online publication that focuses specifically on the experience of childhood around the world. In its pages, you will find informative and inspirational stories about childhood and about projects and campaigns that provide quality education, care, and support to children and youth in diverse communities and circumstances. Please see the Call for Manuscripts at the bottom of this page.

Back issues in pdf form are linked below (click on cover image and then click the bottom corners to turn the pages).

Call for Manuscripts:

We invite you to submit short, 1- to 3-page, articles for consideration. We are seeking narrative, conversational-style articles that stay focused on a personal story of childhood, while connected to a global issue concerning childhood and children's education.


Article formats:

  • Narrative
  • Interview
  • Fiction/poetry
  • Photo essay

Storytelling Guidance:

  • Use straightforward language
  • Touch on emotions
  • Keep it real
  • Communicate a message
  • Incorporate interesting facts
  • Use humor, if appropriate


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Topics of interest:

  • Daily life of a child in a particular:

Geographic location
Family structure
Cultural community
Socioeconomic status
Other life circumstance

  • Current issues through which to explore the daily lives of children

Teacher shortages
Material shortages
Exclusion on inclusion based on disability
Girls’ access to education
Equity in education
Life in conflict areas
Health – mental/physical
Impact of poverty or privilege
Climate change
Impact of technology
School and community environments

  • NGO initiatives to support children's well-being and education
  • Education and development programs/approaches and how they work through real-life application