The Challenge

Educating all of our children must be one of our most urgent priorities. We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building better lives. ~Nelson Mandela
  • 4 out of 10 out-of-school children will never enter a classroom
  • 35% of the world’s out-of-school children live in conflict affected countries, and this number is increasing
  • An estimated 90% of children with disabilities in the developing world do not go to school
  • 250 million children either don’t make it to grade 4 or don’t learn the basics in reading, writing, and math even after four years of school
  • Only 1.4% of humanitarian aid was invested in education in 2015

Source: UNOCHA Global humanitarian funding in 2015: Totals per sector

  • 25 million school teachers are required to provide every child with a primary education by 2030
  • In countries with twice the levels of educational inequality, the probability of conflict more than doubles

Source: The Learning Generation, executive summary, p. 4

  • 75 million children ages 3 to 18 live in countries facing war and violence and need educational support

Source: ODI Education cannot wait. Proposing a fund for education in emergencies, p. 7