Earn Continuing Education Units During Breakthroughs in Education!

If you are looking to grow as an innovative education professional and earn continuing education units (CEUs) while exploring the skills and concepts presented in Breakthroughs in Education, qualifying sessions will be CEU eligible. Please be sure to check back to our event site for updated program and CEU information.


ACEI is an Accredited Provider of continuing education units (CEUs) by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and follows the ANSI/IACET Standard for high-quality Continuing Education and Training. Click here for more information on IACET.

Are you not sure whether your organization recognizes IACET CEUs? Check here to see if your organization is listed, and be sure to confirm with the appropriate personnel, regulatory board, or agency to see if CEUs from IACET Accredited Providers are accepted and whether any further review is necessary.


Digital Badge

ACEI will be providing the opportunity to earn a Digital Badge for participants in our Breakthroughs in Education event

Open digital badges are electronically issued and contain an attractive image, or “seal,” that displays the earner’s accomplishment. An open digital badge also contains metadata that conveys detailed information about the earner and the accomplishment that is available via a hyperlink. Thus, a digital badge is a validated indicator of an earned accomplishment.

Learners can post the digital badge on their web pages, in their email signatures, on LinkedIn or other social media profiles, and in any number of other digital locations. Anyone with access to those pages or sites can examine the credential earned by the recipient and learn the details about what it took to earn the badge.



In order to earn your CEU and digital badge, expect to engage in 14 video presentations (15-25 minutes each) and participate in discussion boards by making 2 posts (100 words minimum) per presentation.

A culminating assignment will ask you to discuss a particular theme that you identified in the presentations that resonated with you and explain how it applies to your own context, providing evidence from at least three of the sessions. (300-500 words)

Yyou will receive your digital badge and certificate of earned CEUs within 2 weeks after the close of the event.

CEU support contact: support@acei.org