Call for Nominations for the ACEI Board of Directors



The Board of Directors of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) seeks candidates for the Board who support excellence in nonprofit governance and demonstrate a sincere commitment to children’s education worldwide.

In order to govern efficiently and effectively, ACEI’s Board identifies the skills and experience that it is seeking for each election cycle. The Board then elects new Directors according to those identified needs. The requisites determined by the Board are critical for making progress on the organization’s strategic initiatives.

(See Priority Requisites, below.)

ACEI’s Board embraces diversity and seeks a balance of Directors from varied geographic locations within the global community, to represent the education sector and other related sectors, both private and public. ACEI’s Board also seeks candidates with other attributes that support diversity and inclusion.

Board service is centered on nonprofit governance, including determining Board policies, designing organizational strategy, engaging in fundraising, ensuring financial stability, and evaluating the effectiveness of ACEI programs as aligned with the mission.

PRIORITY REQUISITES for 2018 as Identified by the ACEI Board of Directors

The Board is currently seeking candidates who have expertise in the following four areas:

  1. Financial Management – Experience with and understanding of the IRS 990, Annual Audit Process, Nonprofit Finance.
  2. Fundraising and Development – Experience with and understanding of fundraising strategies and donor development.
  3. Nonprofit Governance – Experience with and understanding of current nonprofit governance rules and regulations.
  4. Marketing and Communications – Experience with and understanding of traditional or digital marketing & communication strategies, with a focus on reaching global audiences.

If you have experience in one of these areas and are interested in supporting ACEI’s mission, please read the responsibilities and expectations below and complete the application here.


It is important that applicants understand the role of a Director before applying.  Please carefully read the current expectations below before completing the application.

All Directors are expected to:

  1. Support ACEI’s mission to promote innovative solutions to education challenges and inspire action that creates positive, sustainable futures for children and youth worldwide.
  2. Ensure that ACEI is operating according to nonprofit rules, regulations, and best practices in nonprofit governance.
  3. Be willing to serve on Board Committees related to Board governance duties.
  4. Select the Executive Director; cultivate collaboration and partnership with the Executive Director in performing his/her duties; evaluate the Executive Director.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of programs in accordance with the mission and purpose of ACEI.
  6. Ensure a focus on strategic planning and forward visioning for ACEI.
  7. Sustain a competent and effective Board through the nomination, candidate review, and Board election process.
  8. Ensure legal and ethical integrity of the organization.
  9. Support ACEI’s financial stability by ensuring adequate financial resources, protecting ACEI’s assets, and providing financial oversight.
  10. Fundraise on behalf of ACEI.
  11. Make a personally significant charitable gift on an annual basis to demonstrate that ACEI is your top philanthropic priority, and offer additional gifts, when possible, to support ACEI special initiatives or campaigns. (The amount of your gift will be decided by you and based on your financial ability to give.)
  12. Identify donors, including potential donors within your personal and professional networks, and introduce them to ACEI.
  13. Engage in donor stewardship, when requested, by sending emails and letters and making phone calls on behalf of ACEI.
  14. Enhance ACEI’s public standing and serve as a goodwill ambassador.
  15. Work collaboratively and cooperatively with all Directors and respect the opinions of others. Directors work in close coordination and once a decision is made by the Board, all Directors support that decision and speak with one voice of the Board.


Directors should be available to attend Board meetings twice a year, in person. All Board members are expected to thoroughly review all materials that are sent in preparation for meetings, to participate actively in meetings, to participate in additional meetings that are held by conference call or other forms of distance technology, and to respond to email requests from the President and Executive Director in a timely manner. Directors are respectfully requested to contribute to the cost of their attendance at Board meetings. Currently, the ACEI Board contributes 50% to the cost of Board member’s travel expenses to Board meetings.

Please keep in mind that ACEI operates year-round, 12 months a year. Therefore, Directors must be available to respond to emails and requests on a year-round basis. If you have extensive amounts of travel or extended scheduled leaves, such as sabbaticals, that will take place during your Board term that may interfere with your Board participation, then Board service may not be for you at this time.