ACEI Welcomes Country Liaisons Representing Pakistan and Cameroon

ACEI is excited to welcome two new Country Liaisons to our community: Atta ul Haq,representing Pakistan, and Alain Philippe Binyet Bi Mbog, representing Cameroon.

Atta ul Haq

Atta picture .jpg

As the founder of Youth Association for Development (YAD) Pakistan, Haq leads and manages the organization; designs and implements the youth activism, peace building, conflict resolution, and nonviolence activities; and conducts program monitoring, supervision, and coordination development. Under his leadership, YAD has worked with 26 donor agencies, including USAID, ViiV Health Care (UK), The Nexus Fund (USA), Kids for Peace (USA), and the World Bank. Currently, Haq is leading the Kids for Peace Pakistan chapter, an initiative of Kids for Peace Global and the International Peace Youth Group, a program dedicated to bringing world peace to Pakistan. He is also a trained adviser of the Peace Jam leaders and ambassador program. Haq holds a master’s degree in international relations and political science.

Alain Philippe Binyet Bi Mbog


As the President of OMEP Cameroon, Alain Philippe Binyet Bi Mbog has led numerous education, sustainable development, water, hygiene, gender equality, and peace projects. He also serves as national team leader for communications for Pharaon's Village, an NGO in Cameroon that fights for the social integration of the Mbororo, a marginalized ethnic group. Mbog has participated in numerous national and international consultation projects, including work with UNESCO-IICBA, World Bank, and the Global Education Conference Network, among others. He is a United Nations Industrial Development Organization certified expert in upgrading enterprises in Cameroon and holds an international relations degree from the Institute of Cameroon as well as a degree in private law from the University of Ngaounderé.