ACEI Mission and Programs

Dear ACEI Community,

Our recent Global Summit on Childhood, held in Costa Rica, was a huge success. Thank you to those who attended and presented. There were many opportunities to dialogue about how to protect childhood, educate children, and ensure their well-being. We were so pleased to see old friends, but also excited to have many new participants in attendance. If you were not able to be with us at the Global Summit, please know that we missed you. We will be posting the PowerPoints and photographs of the event on the website in the next couple of weeks for all to see.
Before the Summit, ACEI held its Board of Directors meeting. There were several decisions made by the Board that I would like to share with you. Please know that each of these decisions was carefully deliberated by our Board and we hope that each one will help ACEI to become an outstanding 21st century organization.
1.   ACEI has been considering a rewording of the organization’s mission statement for some time. At the meeting in Costa Rica, the Board came to an agreement on a mission statement we believe will help to generate excitement for ACEI’s work and inspiration for what we do. The following mission statement was approved by the Board of Directors:

ACEI’s mission is to promote innovative solutions to education challenges and inspire action that creates positive, sustainable futures for children and youth worldwide. 

We hope that you will agree that this provides ACEI with a stimulating charge for the future. A sustainable future for children as defined by ACEI includes ensuring a world that is environmentally sustainable, economically stable, and socially just, where all children and youth are provided with education opportunities and are respected as contributing members of the global society.
Please also keep in mind that ACEI has a tagline, or motto: Bright Futures for Every Child, Every Nation. This tagline remains unchanged and is a wonderful way for us all to rally action on behalf of children around the world.
2.   The Board of Directors also approved a new set of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. These will be posted on the ACEI website by mid-May.
3.   The Board of Directors approved three core programs for ACEI, which are Education Diplomacy, Innovation Exchange, and Global Schools First. Our community—that is, members and supporters—will be invited to participate in volunteer opportunities for each of these initiatives as made available. We look to our dedicated and experienced staff members to lead the development of these programs. A brief description of each program follows, but please check the ACEI website in late May as these programs will begin to be rolled out in greater detail at that time.
•    Education Diplomacy
Key Features: This program leverages the existing Center for Education Diplomacy (, using an innovative model for education leadership and advocacy to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Goal #4 as it deals with education. Education Diplomacy aims to positively impact global education policy but also has practical applications for supporting education in local communities.
•    Innovation Exchange
Key Features: This program aggregates the latest innovations and new ideas in childhood education from various nations and disseminates these to educators worldwide through the ACEI website and publications. Innovation Exchange will align the Journal of Research in Childhood Education and Childhood Education (CE) with innovation to solidify ACEI’s position in the innovation space. CE will be adjusted to offer a more accessible publication to the global education community.
•    Global Schools First
Key Features: This program recognizes excellence in global education and global awareness at the school level through a self-assessment program. Schools who accept the self-assessment challenge will be recognized for their accomplishments in this area.
4. Finally, ACEI has held Board elections for many years. However, each year we have less member participation in our elections, fewer candidates applying, and yet a growing need to find experienced and qualified Directors for our Board. Therefore, the ACEI Board will be shifting to a self-sustaining Board. A self-sustaining Board is one in which the Officers of the Board are selected by the sitting Board from the current Directors. New Directors are also selected by the Board based upon the Board's and organization’s needs. The ACEI Board was quite keen to provide a way for members who are interested in serving on the Board to still be able to put their name forward. Therefore, an application for Board service will be placed on the ACEI website so that members have an opportunity to express their interest in serving on the Board. The new self-sustaining Board will consist of up to 15 Directors, some of whom will be ACEI members while others will be individuals selected for their special skills, abilities, and experience in nonprofit organizations, and in critical areas such as fundraising. We will hold a final Board election this spring and then begin the transition to a self-sustaining Board this summer.
We thank you for your dedication to ACEI and for your understanding of the adjustments that must be made so that we can ensure an organization that is truly able to make its mark on the world of childhood education.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me, Christine Chen, at or contact Diane Whitehead, ACEI Executive Director, at
Most Sincerely,
Christine Chen, ACEI President

Anne Bauer