Developments in Bangladesh

Below are some highlights from Mahmuda Akhter, ACEI country liaison in Bangladesh, on recent developments in childhood education:

Asia-Pacific Regional Policy Forum on Early Childhood Care and Education

The second Asia-Pacific Regional Policy Forum on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) took place in Putrajaya in Malaysia. The theme of the conference was “Transformative Power of Early Childhood innovations for Inclusivity and Quality.” Mahmuda Akhter was there on behalf of the Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) to serve on panels related to the theme of the Forum. The forum provided a platform for policymakers and activists form the region to share experiences and consider an action agenda for the future. A Regional Declaration was adopted about priorities and strategies for achieving SDG Target 4.2 concerning early childhood development and monitor progress.

The Content Validation of Early Learning Development Standards (ELDS) accomplished

Under Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA) auspices, BEN facilitated participation of its member organizations in the development of the ELDS document for Bangladesh. Its purpose is to have a set of agreed-upon standards for guiding ECD programs and services. For validating its overall content, the document has been shared with and reviewed by professionals from different disciplines and the Inter-Ministerial working group. Major consultations have been conducted with parents and caregivers; teachers, supervisors, and front-line workers; professional experts; and in-depth reviewers with background in the subject. BEN has provided technical support for conducting the content validation. The content of ELDS will be translated into Bangla and the next step of age-specific validation will be conducted shortly; BEN will have a significant facilitating and technical role.

In Bangladesh, the standards can be used to:

  • Design and improve targeted children’s learning activities
  • Develop learning assessment tools based on aspects of developmental domains and their milestones
  • Develop and improve curriculum and identifying learning resources
  • Support development of teaching learning materials (storybooks, toys, and education materials)
  • Develop and improve a teacher’s/professional’s training guide based on the resources
  • Train care providers and early learning teachers in methods required for application of the early learning standards and milestones
  • Develop and improve parenting skills and programs
  • Monitor and evaluate ECD programs and create developmentally appropriate public awareness campaigns.

For more information:

Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN), which is a forum of stakeholders including governments and non-government and international organizations working in early childhood development (ECD). The Network aims to support and encourage organizations, agencies, and institutions to generate their commitment and to invest in children’s development in Bangladesh.

Anne Bauer