2016 Global Summit on Childhood

A Sampling of Presentations


Opening Keynote Session:
Octavio Pescador, Juarez & Associates and Paulo Freire Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Breakout Presentations:
The Children First Act: Synergy for Cross-Sector Policy
Robyn Blackadar, Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research

Healthy, Ready to Learn
Guylaine Richard, Guylaine Richard, LLC

Building Healthy Habits from the Start: Implementation of Wellness Programs in Early Childhood
Bea Zuluaga, Camila Idrovo, CentroNía

Building Comprehensive ECD Systems
Pippa Rowcliffe, Human Early Learning Partnership; Joanne Schroeder, Comox Child Development Centre

The Experience of Urban Childhood in Tanzania
Hannah McCandless, Caucus for Children’s Rights

Young Children's Use of Media, Technology, and Screen Time
Kimberly Sharkins, James Ernest, Allison Newton, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Najla Albaiz, King Saud University

The Overuse of Media Is Stunting the Development of Our Children
Kelsey Thomas, Tina McClintic, Delaware Child Development Resource & Referral

Silenced Voices: U.S. Latina Women Family Child Care Providers Speak About Quality
Marlene Fuentes, Children’s Council San Francisco

Curricular Constitutions of Childhood
Camilla Löf, Malmö University

Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care: The Nurturing Homes Approach
Louise Davis, Chad Allgood, Lydia Bethay, Laura Dickson, Julie Parker, Lori Staton, Kelly Carmody, Early Years Network/Mississippi State University

So You Want to Build the Best Space for Education?
G. Kelly Eplee, Building Goodness Foundation; Steve Davis, Thrive Architecture, P.C.

Enhancing Child's Language and Cognition Through Interaction
Esteban Morales, CentroNia Institute

Overcoming the Barriers of Poverty for Children and Families
Louise Davis, Chad Allgood, Lydia Bethay, Julie Parker, Lori Staton, Early Years Network/Mississippi State University Extension Service; Laura Dickson, Mississippi Department of Human Services

Building Collaborative Networks for Children - Lessons From Tanzania and American Indian Reservations
Andreas Hipple, Mark Guy, Better Way Foundation

Counting on Kids: Elementary Activities That Impact Our World
James Lane, Columbia College

Creating a Better World for Preschool Children by Listening Globally
Karen Foster, University of Central Missouri; Christine Chen, President of ACEI and Early Childhood Educators in Singapore; Seok Jeng Jane Lim, Middle Tennessee State University; Celina Echols, Southeastern Louisiana University

Socio-cultural Influences Related to Language, Cognition, and Social Emotional Developmental Relationships
Kimberly Sharkins, James Ernest, Sarah Ledger, University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Perspectives and Experiences of Children From a Selected Rural Community in Trinidad
Kimberly Glasgow-Charles, Natalie Suepaul, University of The West Indies St. Augustine Campus; Lisa Ibrahim-Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association



General Session:
Lina Srivastava, Social Innovation Strategist

Mohit Mukherjee, University for Peace (UPEACE) Centre for Executive Education

Breakout Sessions:
Connecting Communities and Schools: Advancing Equity and Education Through Dual Language Programs
Elia Vazquez-Montilla, Florida Gulf Coast University; Ronda Amaya, Tice Elementary School; Evelyn Rivera, School District of Lee County

Inclusive Childhoods: A Systems Analysis of Disability in Early Childhood
Kathryn Underwood, Ryerson University

Measuring Resilience Outcomes of Social and Financial Education Programmes for Early Childhood
Aukje te Kaat, Aflatoun International; Paul LeBuffe, Devereux Center for Resilient Children

Access to Quality Education for Early Childhood Development Through Public-Private Partnerships
Betsy Murray, Multilateral Investment Fund, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB); Javier Coto, Inge Hernández, DEHVI Foundation; https://twitter.com/FUNDACIONDEHVI

Developing the Saudi Early Learning Standards: Utilizing Research, Creating Policy & Supporting Practice
Stephanie Olmore, National Association for the Education of Young Children; Jenan Alahmed, Taweer Educational Services

Project STEM: Synergy from a Young Children's Conference in Trinidad
Sabeerah Abdul-Majied, The University of the West Indies



General Sessions:
Emily Vargas-Barón, RISE Institute
Selena Sermeño, United World College
Daniel Frank, Ready Nation
Education Diplomacy and Peace Education: Virginia Cawagas, Gal Harmat, Swee-Hin Toh

Breakout Sessions:
The Decreasing-With-Age Subjective Well-Being Trend: New Data and New Challenges for Research and Education
Ferran Casas, Research Institute on Quality of Life, University of Girona

Influence of Leadership Training Program on Early Childhood Development: Nigeria Experience
Esther Oduolowu, University of Ibadan

Laying the Foundation: Promoting Early Childhood Education in Pakistan
Noshin Khan, Teachers’ Resource Centre

The Awareness of Risk—Inside, Outside, and Beyond
Molly Gerrish, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Canadian 12-Year-Old Students Inquire Into Indigenous and Heritage Languages
Elizabeth Munroe, Lisa Lunney Borden, St. Francis Xavier University

Creating an Aboriginal Learning Centre for Young Children and Families
Andrea Kennedy, Mount Royal University; Lori Pritchard, Aboriginal Learning Centre, Supervisor Learning Services, Calgary Board of Education

Replicable In-home, Refugee-led Preschool Centers in Darfur Refugee Camps
Katie-Jay Scott, Gabriel Stauring, iACT

The Changing Landscape of Early Childhood: Implications for Practice and Policy
Dominic Gullo, Michael Haslip, Drexel University

Early Childhood Intervention and Inclusive Education: Serving Families With Children With Disabilities
Emily Vargas-Barón, The RISE Institute; Donald Wertlieb, Partnership for Early Childhood Development & Disability Rights; Garren Lumpkin, International Consultant; Maria Elena Ubeda Castillo, UNICEF; Marisol Moreno Angarita, National University of Colombia; Hollie Hix-Small, Portland State University

E-Counseling for Children & Young People in Southern Africa and Mauritius
Mahendranath Busgopaul, Halley Movement