Our Caring Communities:

ACEI is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2017.  As this is a monumental year for our organization, we want to learn about and share how our communities around the world are positively impacting the lives of children worldwide. Considering world events, we are particularly interested in children’s education during emergencies and crisis situations.

Learn about what our community members are doing to support children around the world in this presentation.


History of Kindergarten Film Project

ACEI has partnered with Froebel USA to produce a film project that will document the history of kindergarten in a series of 6 one-hour long episodes. The International Kindergarten Union (now ACEI) is central to this story as its founding was the culmination of the Kindergarten Movement and the vehicle through which its membership negotiated the future of Kindergarten.


It's Our Anniversary!
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ACEI's History

ACEI’s work began in 1892, with the effort to promote kindergarten education in the United States and internationally. Since the very beginning, ACEI has been an international organization driven by the belief that education is essential to human development. More than a century later, this core belief remains the same as we look at human development on a global scale and see how education has the power to change lives.