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Student Clubs

ACEI student clubs provide student members with opportunities to collaborate on projects designed to improve the experience of childhood in their communities, network and share knowledge with other globally-minded child advocates and educators, and present their projects and activities to the wider ACEI community in publications and at events. To join or start your own student club, please see the information below. For an example of the types of activities a student club might engage in, click here

What is a student club?

A student club can be formed on a university campus where there are ACEI student members. Faculty members are often required in order to set up and sponsor a student club. Each university will have its own rules about forming and operating a student club on campus. First, find out if the university allows student clubs and then follow the guidelines for club formation.

Can students form a network group?

Yes, if your university does not have student clubs, or for some reason does not approve an official status for your group, you can form a student network group on your campus. An informal network group can be a very good alternative for helping students to form smaller communities at universities when a student club or chapter is not possible (see Network Group).

Should we let ACEI know that we have formed a student club?

Yes, ACEI would like to know if you have formed a student club at your university. If you are interested in forming a student club, please contact ACEI at