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Qualifications for Candidates for the ACEI Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee of the Association for Childhood Education International seeks candidates for Board of Directors positions who demonstrate a clear commitment to furthering the education and well-being of children worldwide and are dedicated to promoting excellence in nonprofit governance. Board of Directors members play a critical role in making decisions regarding Association goals and the allocation of resources.

Through the recruitment, application, and slate selection process, the Nominating Committee works to achieve a slate that balances Board representation, to include individuals from:

  • The global community (including representatives of nations other than the United States).
  • The education sector and other human service-related sectors, such as health.
  • The nonprofit management/governance sector.
  • Sectors that influence or impact education, such as public policy or economics.
  • Practitioners and academics.

Specifically, the Nominating Committee seeks candidates who possess the following attributes.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to ACEI's mission and vision.
  • Demonstrate a sincere commitment to the education and well-being of children, worldwide.
  • Possess broad knowledge of the field of childhood education with an understanding of global movements that impact the lives of children.
  • Represent diverse global geographic locations.
  • Represent populations that reflect ACEI's commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Possess strong leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to promote excellence in nonprofit governance.
  • Represent a spectrum of professionals invested in children's education and well-being, including teachers of children, teacher educators, researchers, child advocates, social workers, health professionals, etc.
  • Represent the business, financial, or legal professions, or associated professions, such as public policy or economics, while displaying a significant interest, or involvement, in children's education and well-being.
  • Desired but not required: Experience living or working in more than one nation.

ACEI Membership is required for all applicants.

Board applications are due to ACEI no later than 2 May 2016.

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