International Exchange

International Exchange

The world is becoming smaller. There is more ability than ever before to experience places other than our home nation and to learn from others. The free flow of information, and the ability to travel great distances with relative ease, has enabled the citizens of different nations to be global citizens—citizens of the world. The increased demand and supply of information brought about by major changes in social relations of global scope has led to a growing need for greater dissemination and exchange of knowledge. It is not surprising that international exchange programs have become a key feature of professional development in various fields, and even more so in education.

International exchange programs come in various shapes and sizes, and with a variety of developmental goals. Some are designed for specific exchange purposes, but most have the same core goal of increasing mutual understanding between the people of different nations and fostering the exchange of information.

Both educators (existing and prospective) and students (at the high school and college levels) who participate in international exchange programs have opportunities to learn about cultures and the education systems, policies, and practices from around the world. During these exchanges, participants have opportunities to visit universities, development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and schools. International exchange programs greatly facilitate the process of building professional friendships and allow sharing of critical perspectives on educational processes and approaches. Such programs are operated by various providers, including nongovernmental organizations and universities.

International exchanges help us to see outside ourselves and realize that the world is full of variety—interesting people with varying perspectives. It enhances our ability to see possibilities, find solutions to complex problems, act on opportunities, and bridge cultural and linguistic divides.

Providers of international exchanges with programs related to education include:

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