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Teachers for the 21st Century

In some countries the concept—not to mention the use—of teacher appraisal sparks discussion whenever it is mentioned. According to what criteria? Who decides? And what should the results of teacher appraisals be used for? But education stakeholders are beginning to find some agreement in the idea that teacher appraisal can be a key lever for focusing more on teaching quality and continuous professional development for teachers, in keeping with the growing recognition that the quality of teaching affects student learning outcomes. Teacher appraisal also provides opportunities to incentivize, recognize, and reward teaching competence and high performance, which, in turn, may help to address concerns about the attractiveness of teaching as a career choice and about the image and status of teachers, including teachers' feelings that their work is not sufficiently valued.

This new report by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) contains key topics from the third International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2013 and discusses how teacher quality is defined and what standards are set and by whom; what systems are in place for teacher evaluation and how evaluations are conducted; and how teacher evaluation contributes to school improvement and teacher self-efficacy.

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