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Special Interest Forums

One of the primary benefits of membership in ACEI is becoming a part of our community. ACEI members are a diverse group, but we all have one thing in common - a fierce dedication to protecting and educating children, and to giving them the best childhood possible. ACEI offers opportunities for members with a shared area of interest to connect through special interest forums.

Spotlight on Family Literacy

The Family Literacy SIF is one of our newest communities. The founders of this group decided to take the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first International Year of the Family to raise awareness about the integral role of families in the education of young children. Learn more about their focus, activities, and how to get involved here.

Special Interest Forums (SIFs) are designed to allow members to come together to discuss topics in childhood of interest to them. Several new SIFs are being formed as a result of conversations and networking among delegates at the 2014 Global Summit on Childhood, including one on the internationalization of higher education.

Examples of Special Interest Forums:

Children With Special Needs
Training and Technical Assistance
Early Childhood Education in Korea
ACEI History/Heritage
Peace Education
Family Literacy

Another benefit of joining an ACEI Special Interest Forum is the opportunity to present the discussions, activities, and research of your group at the Global Summit on Childhood. At the most recent Summit, in Vancouver, Canada, in April 2014, ACEI's History and Heritage SIF gave a 90-minute presentation on the history of our organization. Other SIF presentations were given by the Training and Technical Assistance SIF and the Early Childhood Education in Korea SIF. Summit sessions are a unique way to present the activities and understandings of your group to an attentive and informed audience, and to network with other individuals interested in the topic.

If you are interested in forming a special interest forum, please contact Sheri Levin, ACEI Member Relations Manager, at She will provide more information to you about joining or forming your own special interest forum. Please be advised that you will need to have a group of six people interested in the topic in order to form a SIF.