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International Summit on the Teaching Profession

The fourth International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2014 (ISTP) was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 28-29 March 2014. The Summit was jointly organized by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Education International. It brought together official delegations from various countries showing high performances on OECD's 2012 Programme for International Student Achievement (PISA). This year's Summit theme was "Excellence, Equity, and Inclusiveness." It was geared towards sharing emergent practices and issues around the employment and retention of high quality teachers; identifying key levers for encouraging equity in increasingly devolved education systems; and creating positive learning environments for all children and youth.

Asia Society's report of the Summit, Excellence, Equity, and Inclusiveness: High Quality Teaching for All captures the main presentation themes and the issues that arose during general discussions. The Report may be accessed here.