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Implications for Child Well-being

The first-ever global plan for newborn health that focuses on ending preventable newborn deaths and stillbirths by 2035 was approved during the 67th World Health Assembly held in Geneva at the end of May. As referenced in the plan, newborn health is a human right safeguarded by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Every Newborn Action Plan (ENAP) was developed to renew commitment by nation states to reduce child mortality.

In order to ensure that health systems across the world are able to respond to the needs of its most vulnerable citizens, all stakeholders are called upon to improve access to and quality of health care for women and newborns, within a continuum of care that spans from pregnancy through childhood. If this is achieved, the positive implications for the overall well-being and social and economic potential of the world's children are great. Established research shows that maternal and newborn health is critical for brain development and the foundation for lifelong learning. The Newborn Plan envisions a world in which every birth is celebrated, and mothers, babies, and children are able to thrive.

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