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Education and Disability

Children with disabilities are active, full contributing members of their families, communities, and societies who require investment in removing the physical, cultural, economic, communication, mobility, and attitudinal barriers that impede their full potential and realization of their basic rights. The reality remains, however, that children with disabilities are more likely to face severe discrimination, to be excluded from community life, and to be out of school than any other group of children.

An estimated 93 million children living with a moderate or severe disability worldwide. In many countries, the majority of children out-of-school is those with a disability. For those children with disabilities who do go to school, many nations fail to provide the support they need to acquire a quality education.

Global Action Week 2014's designated focus is Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability to raise awareness about the issues surrounding children with disabilities and their families, and to promote their positive contributions when engaged in meaningful ways within holistically inclusive education systems and communities. Below are some resources to guide your understanding and advocacy for children with disabilities and education.

The Association for Childhood Education International is a member of the Global Partnership for Children With Disabilities.


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