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Network Groups

Network Groups provide opportunities for professional camaraderie and the exchange of information among ACEI members. Network groups are informal and organic in nature. They form when ACEI members desire to join together to form a smaller community. They disband when the members no longer have a desire to have a network group. ACEI Network Group members all share a commitment to the ACEI mission.

Where do Network Groups meet? How do they share information?

If situated in a smaller geographical location, Network Groups may choose to function as in-person groups and meet face-to-face. However, Network groups can just easily serve the purpose of connecting members in one village as in one nation. For example, if members are able to use distance communication technology in order to connect with one another, a network group that covers a wider geographic area is possible.

Whether Network Groups are gathering in-person or communicating via distance technology, the objective is the same—to bring members together who support and promote childhood education for the purpose of professional camaraderie and information sharing.

Is there an ideal size for a Network Group?

There is no ideal size for a Network Group. As long as the purpose of the community is being served, the size of the group does not matter.

Are Network Group participants individual members of ACEI?

Yes. Network Group participants should all be individual members of ACEI. Network Groups create a sense of smaller member communities within a larger membership.

Can a Network Group advocate for children's issues? Network Groups are informal member communities and as such cannot hold official positions or take collective advocacy action.

Can Network Groups support childhood education projects?

If members of a Network Group decide that they wish to support a project, such as sending books to children in another nation or donating school supplies to a local school, the individuals of the group may collaborate to accomplish this, but such actions are considered taken by the individual participants and not sponsored by ACEI as an organization.

Can Network Groups hold formal events?

Network Groups may hold informal gatherings and meetings so that group participants have opportunities to connect with each other and exchange information but they should not hold formal events such as conferences.

Should we let ACEI know about our network group?

Yes, ACEI would like to be aware of member network groups. Please let ACEI know if a Network Group exists in your area, so we can refer others to your group if they are interested in joining. If you desire to start a new group, ACEI can let you know how many other ACEI members are in your area, or if another Network Group already exists in your area.

Who do I contact if I want to start a Network Group?

If you have an interest in forming a Network Group, or finding out if there is a group already in your area, please contact us at