Journal of Research in
Childhood Education

The Journal of Research in Childhood Education, a publication of the Association for Childhood Education International, features articles that advance knowledge and theory of the education of children. Consideration is given to reports of empirical research, theoretical articles, ethnographic and case studies, participant observation studies, and studies deriving data collected from naturalistic settings. The journal includes cross-cultural studies and those addressing international concerns.

Important to the purpose of this journal is interest in research designs that are integral to the research questions posed, as well as research designs endorsed by the scientific community. Further, the Journal seeks to stimulate the exchange of research ideas by publication of small-scale studies carried out in a variety of settings (homes, centers, classrooms, hospitals, and other community environments), and whose results are reported where appropriate with the inclusion of effect size information.

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Table of Contents
Volume 31, Number 3

A Description of Contrasting Discourse Patterns Used in Differentiated Reading Instruction
Julie Ankrum, Maria Genest, & Aimee Morewood

Implementing the Project Approach: A Case Study of Hybrid Pedagogy in a Hong Kong Kindergarten
Jennifer J. Chen, Hui Li, & Jing-ying Wang

Gifted Education in Preschool: Perceived Barriers and Benefits of Program Development
Todd Kettler, Mattie E. Oveross, & James C. Bishop

Classroom Readiness for Successful Inclusion: Teacher Factors and Preschool Children’s Experience With and Attitudes Toward Peers With Disabilities
Kyong-Ah Kwon, Soo-Young Hong, & Hyun-Joo Jeon

The “What Is Happening in This Class” Questionnaire: A Qualitative Examination in Elementary Classrooms
Kyriakos Charalampous & Constantinos M. Kokkinos

Investigating Reading Metacognitive Strategy Awareness of Elementary Children: A Developmental Continuum Emerges
Jeanne B. Cobb

The Role of Computer Technology in Supporting Children’s Learning in Jordanian Early Years Education
Mustafa Alkhawaldeh, Mizyed Hyassat, Eman Al-Zboon, & Jamal Ahmad

The Effect of Self-Monitoring Training on the Achievement Motivation of Students With Dyslexia
Zahed Kanani, Narges Adibsereshki, & Hojjat Allah Haghgoo

Empowerment Pedagogy
Eleni Loizou & Nasia Charalambous

Effect of Male and Female Early Childhood Education Teacher’s Educational Practices on Children’s Social Adaptation
Thérèse Besnard & Marie-Josée Letarte