Journal of Research in
Childhood Education

The Journal of Research in Childhood Education, a publication of the Association for Childhood Education International, features articles that advance knowledge and theory of the education of children. Consideration is given to reports of empirical research, theoretical articles, ethnographic and case studies, participant observation studies, and studies deriving data collected from naturalistic settings. The journal includes cross-cultural studies and those addressing international concerns.

Important to the purpose of this journal is interest in research designs that are integral to the research questions posed, as well as research designs endorsed by the scientific community. Further, the Journal seeks to stimulate the exchange of research ideas by publication of small-scale studies carried out in a variety of settings (homes, centers, classrooms, hospitals, and other community environments), and whose results are reported where appropriate with the inclusion of effect size information.

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Table of Contents
Volume 30, Number 4

Early Childhood Education Teachers: Life History, Life Course, and the Problem of Family—Work Balance
Robert V. Bullough Jr.

The Kindergarten Transition: Behavioral Trajectories in the First Formal Year of School
Megan E. Welsh, Faith G. Miller, Janice Kooken, Sandra M. Chafouleas & D. Betsy McCoach

Young Children’s Interest-Oriented Activity and Later Academic Self-Regulation Strategies in Kindergarten
Carin Neitzel, Joyce M. Alexander & Kathy E. Johnson

Examining the Impacts of Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL): Attention to Teacher Practices and Classroom Effects Across the Kindergarten Year
Gary E. Bingham, Barbara Culatta & Kendra M. Hall-Kenyon

Low Quality of Basic Caregiving Environments in Child Care: Actual Reality or Artifact of Scoring?
Deborah J. Norris & Shannon Guss

Looking Closely at Informational Texts: Considering the Role(s) of Mentor Texts for Kindergarten Children
Lindsey Moses, Frank Serafini & Stacy Loyd

Exploring the Quality Indicators of a Successful Full-Inclusion Preschool Program
Susan R. Warren, Richard S. Martinez & Lori A. Sortino

Teacher Perspectives on the Practice of Continuity of Care
Sascha Longstreth, Sarah Garrity, Shulamit N. Ritblatt, Kelsey Olson, Ashley Virgilio, Hilary Dinh & Shane Padamada

Facilitating Young Children’s Use of the Web in Preschool
Christina Davidson, Susan J. Danby, Lisa M. Given & Karen J. Thorpe

Retaining Early Childhood Education Workers: A Review of the Empirical Literature
Casey J. Totenhagen, Stacy Ann Hawkins, Deborah M. Casper, Leslie A. Bosch, Kyle R. Hawkey & Lynne M. Borden

“My Lesson Plan Was Perfect Until I Tried to Teach”: Care Ethics Into Practice in Classroom Management
Colette Rabin & Grinell Smith

Literature and the Young Child: Engagement, Enactment, and Agency From a Sociocultural Perspective
Janelle B. Mathis