Global Schools First
“Whereas, national citizenship is an accident of birth, global citizenship is an act of will.”—Queen Rania of Jordan

Inspiring Learners and Transforming Schools Through Global Citizenship Education

A globalized world requires education that inspires learners to rethink their relationships with other human beings; empowers them to transcend national, social, racial, cultural, and religious differences; and emboldens them to embrace our common humanity. To prepare children to be dedicated stewards of an increasingly interconnected world, global citizenship education (GCED) must be placed at the center of learning.

All humans have the capacity to empathize and see ourselves in the other, and schools share the responsibility for nurturing these capacities in children. GCED promotes global-mindedness and the peace-building values of inclusion, social justice, and human rights essential for advancing global unity and shaping sustainable futures for all human beings.

Our Approach

ACEI’s Global Schools First

ACEI’s Global Schools First (GSF) contributes to the GCED movement by offering schools worldwide an array of resources, support systems, and event-based learning opportunities to implement quality GCED and effectively develop global citizens.

GSF provides a platform to assess schools’ progress in embedding GCED into their curricular and extra-curricular activities, and across all aspects of their teaching practice, leadership, learning environment, community engagement, and school culture. The program will recognize individual schools’ outstanding achievements and illuminate pathways for growth as they move toward their GCED goals.

GSF is designed for all schools committed to making education relevant to today’s global challenges and preparing learners to take collective action toward creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future.

Join the Global Schools First Movement

By participating in Global Schools First, ACEI hopes that teachers, learners, and whole schools will embrace the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to thrive in an interconnected, 21st-century world.

ACEI is currently looking for primary schools around the world to join the pilot testing phase of Global Schools First. Please contact Adrienne Henck at for more information.




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