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Six Innovative Education Models From Around the World

Every year, the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) presents the WISE Awards to showcase and promote six innovative education projects that are considered replicable, sustainable, and transferable beyond where they had originated. This year, the awards were given to education models from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile, India, South America, and the United States. 

Each project was recognized for its impact toward transforming communities, facilitating access, improving equity, and promoting inclusion and diversity. Applications for the awards were received from 89 countries under the 2012 theme of “Transforming Education.” All levels of education, from pre-primary to tertiary, were represented, and a variety of pathways to learning were considered, such as lifelong and informal education, special needs, teacher training, and vocational education. 

The project representatives, many of whom were the original project innovators, came from a variety of disciplines, such as private business investment, architecture, and film. This diversity is reflected in the approaches of the winning education models. A summary of the WISE Awards 2012 winners can be found on the WISE website.

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