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Crisis in Japan

As the tragedy in Japan continues to unfold, our thoughts are with the millions of children and families whose lives have been so abruptly and tragically impacted. The initial earthquake and ensuing tsunami caused terrible damage and many lives were lost; however, aftershocks continue and the threat of damage to nuclear power facilities is also a frightening possibility.

Children are so very vulnerable during any crisis and they need care and protection. According to a report issued by Save the Children, as many as 100,000 children may have been displaced by the earthquake and tsunami, which had struck mid-afternoon last Friday when many children were at school or kindergarten. Reports on the ground said that the most pressing issues for children in evacuation centers are psychological problems associated with trauma and stress.

For those who would like to support the victims of this crisis, we recommend that you contribute directly to Save the Children or to the Red Cross. Both organizations are working with their affiliate offices in Japan. The links below will direct you to donation sites. Although the government of Japan has invested significantly in earthquake and emergency response preparedness, with a crisis of such a massive scale, your support will be welcomed and appreciated.

Diane Whitehead
ACEI Executive Director

Save the Children

Red Cross