Childhood Education: Innovations

Childhood Education: Innovation is a bimonthly publication of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), published for a global audience working to create positive, sustainable futures for children and youth by developing and seeking out innovative solutions to education challenges. Our target audience includes practitioners in schools, nongovernmental organizations, and community-based organizations; education academics interested in innovative ideas and practices; and global education advocates in foundations, government agencies, and businesses.

We are looking for articles that explore cutting-edge thinking and practices for education delivery and reform. We are particularly interested in cross-disciplinary and cross-sector solutions to specific education challenges. Articles could describe organizations, practices, or projects that are taking truly innovative approaches to education, or they could present new perspectives on an existing practice that results in an innovative approach.

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Table of Contents
Volume 93, No 3

Celebrating 125 Years
Christine Chen

A 2017 Tribute to Lucy Wheelock on the 125th Anniversary of ACEI
Diane Levin

Ideas and Ideals
Lucy Wheelock

A Call to Help Every Child Reach Their Full Potential
Peg Oliveira

The Significance of the Nursery School
Arnold Gesell

What Arnold Gesell Would Advocate Today
Doris Bergen

“We Who Desire Peace”: Echoes From 1926
Edyth J. Wheeler

“We Who Desire Peace”
Mary Chaplin Shute

The Education of the Nursery School Teacher
Patty Smith Hill

Back to the Future With Patty Smith Hill
Patricia A. Crawford

Character Education—Then and Now: A Response to Patty Smith Hill
Patricia A. Crawford

First Steps in Character Education
Patty Smith Hill

Comments on “Why Creative Education Must Not Become a Fad”
Laura Felleman Fattal

Why Creative Education Must Not Become a Fad
Rollo Walter Brown

Response to “Training Unafraid Teachers”
Valentine Burr

Training Unafraid Teachers
Elizabeth Healy

Migration and Refugees as Historical Watershed
Yvette Murphy

What Is Being Done for Refugee Children?
Jennie N. Haxton

Margaret Mead and ACEI
Adrienne Henck

Preparing Children for a World Society
Margaret Mead

“Children Are Human Beings”: A Reflection and Call for Action
Julie Nicholson

Children Are Human Beings
James H. S. Bossard

Anticipating the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Elisabeth Kofler Shuman

Inalienable Rights of Children
Laura Zirbes

Eleanor Roosevelt and ACEI
Diane Whitehead

Obligation of Leadership
Eleanor Roosevelt

The Future in Education
Adrienne Henck

Becoming Planetary Citizens: A Quest for Meaning
Chester M. Pierce

Innovation Yesterday and Today
Betty Ray

How to Make Innovations Succeed or Fail
Maurice R. Ahrens

Interdependence Toward Humaneness
Yvette Murphy

Rallying Around the Children of the World
Donald N. Morris