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To Play or Not To Play: Is It Really a Question?

During a time in our education system when play is being assaulted from many fronts, we, too, find a climate of peril; play is in danger. Play, once commonplace in classrooms, is now found only outside the classroom. Now, we are finding play removed from outside the classroom by the elimination of recess. Where is the place for play? Where will it exist, so our children can flourish? The resounding call for play’s existence issues from courageous people willing to demand that play live, that play exist. To live or not to live? To exist or not to exist? To be or not to be? To play or not to play? Are these really valid questions when the stakes are so high, the alternative so bleak? This book takes the necessary step in affirming play’s vital role in child development and provides a voice for play. Editors: Christine Jeandheur Ferguson and Ernest Dettore, Jr., 2007.
104 pp.

Price: $18.50

The Earth Is Our Home: Children Caring for the Environment

International Interest

If we are to create a brighter future, the world’s children must understand their role in safeguarding and improving the environment. Teachers have the potential to create future generations of responsible citizens. The purpose of this volume is to assist teachers in dealing with environmental concerns within the scope of the existing school curricula rather than in addition to it. Section One examines environmental awareness and education, including a chapter by renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall.  Section Two reviews environmental curricula, while Section Three describes programs that transformed school environments.  Section Four provides resources for teachers, and Section Five considers the "road ahead."

Editors: James L. Hoot and Judit Szente, 2010.
168 pp.
ISBN-13 978-0-87173-177-7

Price: $22.00

The Developmental Benefits of Playgrounds

In publishing The Developmental Benefits of Playgrounds, ACEI is extending the knowledge base about appropriate playground materials, equipment, and use patterns. The initial chapter focuses on the importance of play, with special attention to contemporary research by neuroscientists that reveals, through the aid of high-tech brain imaging techniques, concrete support for the centuries-old contention of noted philosophers and other academicians that play is critical to children’s healthy development. This conclusion, seemingly obvious, has yet to be adopted by many who influence children’s opportunities and environments for play. Later chapters identify developmental sequences for children’s motor behaviors during their play on several types of playground equipment. Authors: Joe L. Frost, Pei-San Brown, John A. Sutterby, and Candra D. Thornton, 2004.
240 pp.

Price: $32.50

Outdoor Learning and Play: Ages 8-12

This book affords educators with a rationale for elementary and middle school children’s outdoor learning and play activities. In order to maximize opportunities for children’s intellectual, social, and emotional learning in the outdoors, this collection of articles provides teachers with both the explanation, “why,” and the strategies, “how,” to plan for quality outdoor experiences. Editors: Kathleen Glascott Burriss and Barbara Foulks Boyd, 2005.
240 pp.

Price: $22.00

Mathematics for All: Instructional Strategies To Assist Students With Learning Challenges

This valuable resource provides instructional strategies and curricular ideas that address specific mathematics learning challenges and conceptual mathematics understandings. Ultimately, the approaches and interventions will help teachers create instructional environments that support all students on a daily basis and, in turn, improve students’ achievement in mathematics. Editors:  Nancy L. Gallenstein and Dodi Hodges. 2011.

138 pp.
ISBN-13 978-0-87173-178-4

Price: $22.00

Curriculum Development: Perspectives From Around the World

International Interest

Policymakers, teachers, school administrators, parent organizations, university scholars, and religious organizations all want their point of view to be heard regarding the nature of curriculum and what a school curriculum ought to be. What are other countries doing to make sense of curriculum and how do they go about designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum?

Editors:  James D. Kirylo and Ann Nauman
ISBN-13 978-0-87173-176-0

Price: $32.50

Common Bonds, 3rd ed.

An ACEI Favorite!

The purpose of this book is to examine the growing diversity in schools in a constructive, empowering way. The authors contributing to this new edition write about various forms of cultural diversity, and suggest ways that teachers can build inclusive classroom environments. The common theme that emerges is that while diversity poses difficulties, teachers can create an environment in which differences are recognized and accepted while simultaneously reinforcing a common set of norms and values that bind students together.

Editors: Deborah A. Byrnes and Gary Kiger, 2005.
144 pp.

Price: $22

Childhood 1892-2002

Beginning with the formation of the International Kindergarten Union in 1892, this valuable reference traces the history of childhood education, as well as ACEI's history, through over a century of change and growth. An invaluable resource for education students and teachers. Author: Sue Wortham, 2002.
104 pp.

Price: $18.50