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Global Schools First is a recognition program for primary schools (K-6) worldwide that are committed to integrating global citizenship education into all aspects of their school. The program relies on teams of passionate teachers and school leaders to dedicate time to reflect on and review the current state of global citizenship education within their school. School teams collaboratively respond to questions from the Global Schools First Self-Assessment and then submit their completed responses to ACEI. Following an intensive review by a team of education experts, schools demonstrating excellence in global citizenship education are recognized by ACEI.

ACEI is currently seeking teachers and school leaders who are supportive of and enthusiastic about global citizenship education to serve as reviewers and offer feedback on the self-assessment. The review process will take place from June-July 2017.

We are also seeking teams of teachers and school leaders to participate in pilot test of the Global Schools First Self-Assessment tool beginning in September 2017.

Education gives us a profound understanding that we are tied together as citizens of the global community, and that our challenges are interconnected.
— Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

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