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The Global Summit on Childhood: A Student's Perspective

By Ariel Kau

As someone who once had the condition of selective mutism, I found the Global Summit on Childhood Conference not only very relatable, but also a source of information about many ways I can help other younger children who are not as fortunate. "Stress and Trauma" and "From Malaysia to America" were the presentations that impressed me the most. They taught me that making a difference in this world is all about having the courage to take that first step and reach out to others. They also taught me that one small gesture can lead to the well-being of millions of people.

Through the Global Summit, I met many inspiring and kind people. Although I was one of the few children to attend the conference, I felt very included. I was very fortunate to see the perspectives of experienced adults and professionals. During the final General Session, I had the opportunity to speak with Meishi Haslip, the presenter of "From Malaysia to America." I found her story truly inspiring, and she was very willing to share her experiences with me.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Association for Childhood Education International for introducing me to this wonderful conference. By attending the Summit, I was exposed to numerous possibilities, and I developed a true interest in not only the education of children, but also the lives of children in general. I had an amazing experience at the Global Summit, and I would be so grateful to have another chance to attend the conference in the future.

Ariel Kau is a grade nine student attending secondary school in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Her voice was an important part of the Global Summit on Childhood, which was designed as a platform for exploring the voices, vision, and visibility of childhood.