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August 20, 2014

Call for Comment

International Code of Ethics for Educators


August 18, 2014

International Literacy Day 2014

Ensuring opportunities for all


August 10, 2014

International Youth Day 2014

Mental health matters


July 28, 2014

Reports from New Zealand and Nigeria

ACEI Country Liaison program


July 25, 2014

Second Cohort of Ambassadors for Childhood

Promoting the Decade for Childhood around the world


July 22, 2014

International Day of Friendship

Promoting a peaceful human future


July 14, 2014

ACEI Developing International Code of Ethics for Educators

Public call for comment coming in August 2014


July 14, 2014

Child Rights and Education in Nepal

New from ACEI Country Liaisons


July 7, 2014

Child Care Centers in Greece

ACEI Country Liaison Konstantina Rentzou on the quality of care and education


June 30, 2014

Education in Ethiopia

ACEI Country Liaison Kassahun Weldemariam reports


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