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Student Clubs

What is a student club?

A student club can be formed on a university campus where there are ACEI student members. Faculty members are often required in order to set up and sponsor a student club. Each university will have its own rules about forming and operating a student club on campus. First, find out if the university allows student clubs and then follow the guidelines for club formation.

Can students form a network group?

Yes, if your university does not have student clubs, or for some reason does not approve an official status for your group, you can form a student network group on your campus. An informal network group can be a very good alternative for helping students to form smaller communities at universities when a student club or chapter is not possible (see Network Group).

Should we let ACEI know that we have formed a student club?

Yes, ACEI would like to know if you have formed a student club at your university.
If you are interested in forming a student club, please contact Sheri Levin, ACEI Member Relations Manager, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .