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ACEI Communities

ACEI has created several models for members to collaborate with groups of members to form communities. These approaches currently consist of 1) Network Groups, 2) Student Clubs and 3) Special Interest Forums. A brief description of each is provided. If you wish to learn more about each option click the link provided after each description or contact Sheri Levin, ACEI Member Relations Manager, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

ACEI Network Groups are informal groups of members who come together for professional camaraderie and the exchange of information on childhood education issues. To learn more about Network Groups, click HERE.

Student Clubs can be formed by ACEI student members on their university campus. To become a student club, a faculty advisor may need to be required depending on university rules.This individual will support the process of applying to the university to acquire official club status. (Student clubs are sometimes called student chapters).To learn more about student clubs, click HERE.

Special Interest Forums are small ACEI member communities formed around a topic of shared interests. To learn more about special interest forums, click HERE.